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Bitcoin Trading Explained

Trading Bitcoin is an exciting and competitive market. The idea is to buy when the stock price is low, then sell when it goes up. To know when to make your move, you speculate as to what way the market is going to go.

You need to track movements and predict potential changes. If it sounds complicated, that's because it is.

Most professional traders spend years perfecting their skills and learning how to make the best decisions. Luckily, there is now a way to make it easier for beginners to break into the market and try their hands. Trading apps, such as Bitcoin Code, are here to bridge the gap between first-time Bitcoin buyers trying to learn the ropes and the seasoned experts cornering the market.

How Do Trading Apps Make Things Easier?

The idea of trading apps is the level the playing field and make a complicated market less confusing for beginners. Experienced traders can also use our platform to their advantage and can utilize the tools we provide.

More people are investing in Bitcoin than ever before, most of whom do not have and trading experience. Bitcoin Code is here to change that. Here are some of the ways we make things easier:

  • Bitcoin Code makes Bitcoin more accessible and the process of trading in it simpler.
  • Our app makes the stock market easier to interact with by streamlining the information and displaying it in the most effective way.
  • We put you in contact with hand-picked, well-respected international brokers to ensure you set off on the right foot.
  • The Bitcoin Code platform is compatible with mobile devices, meaning you can trade on the go.

Is Bitcoin trading safe?

Whenever you make an investment or a trade, you must always be aware of the risks involved. The entire industry is built on speculation, so no move can be considered 100% safe. Bitcoin is no exception.

Using Bitcoin Code allows you to see the big picture a little clearer, and hopefully, you can make good decisions, but you should always consider the risk/reward balance before putting money in the game.

Security-wise, Bitcoin comes with several extra layers of protection than many other trade opportunities. Because of the Blockchain network and the heavily encrypted security protocols, making transactions in Bitcoin can be considered safer than other methods.

Bitcoin Code: Trading Made Simple

Bitcoin Code is one of the most user-driven trading platforms out there today. We pride ourselves on having built an efficient and uncomplicated app set up to be the perfect base for your Bitcoin trading career. Whatever your experience level is, we provide the tools you need to find your way in the market.

If you are not yet a Bitcoin Code member, let us explain a bit about what to expect after registering your account.

Using the Bitcoin Code App

It only takes a few minutes to register your account with us. You can do this by visiting our login page!
After confirming your account, you are contacted by one of our high-level brokers to discuss your trading plan.
You deposit funds into your account and convert them to Bitcoin.
Trading can begin as soon as you are ready! Chose to trade through one of our brokers to help you get started or opt for the trading software provided on the app.

The Bitcoin Code app is free to use. Your funds are under your control and can be withdrawn or increased whenever you decide. The brokers we work with a trusted and respected in the industry. They are excellent contacts to have and an asset for inexperienced traders.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in the world and has been for over a decade.

It is a decentralized digital form of money that functions similarly to the US dollar or Euro. Like any fiat currency, it can be used to buy things, pay people, or make investments. The two main differences are:

  • There is no physical form of Bitcoin- it exists purely in files and encryptions.
  • Bitcoin is not connected to any bank or government and is therefore free from traditional banking restrictions.

Over the years, the ways people can use Bitcoin have grown rapidly, with many businesses now recognizing it as a valid form of payment. It is a household name and soon to be a household currency.

Bitcoin’s History

Bitcoin was the first of its kind. Its invention effectively launched the world of cryptocurrency as we know it today. The concept had been floating around since as early as the 80s. The first attempts at creating a decentralized currency happened between 1995 and 1998. Although these were the foundations from which Satoshi Nakamoto built, Bitcoin was truly revolutionary.

Created in late 2008 after the infamous financial crash, Bitcoin aimed to provide a more transparent and independent type of money. Trust in the banks was shaken after certain decisions came to light, and people did not feel as safe as they had before about keeping all their savings in the same institutions that played such a major role in the economy's downfall.

As the hype built, so did demand. The first Bitcoin was mined at the beginning of 2009, and the rest is history.

Bitcoin Today

The turn of the decade saw an unprecedented rise in crypto hype. Since the birth of Bitcoin, a little over 12 years ago, more than 10,000 new cryptocurrencies have been created and are now available to trade in. With every new coin that pops up, Bitcoin’s supremacy only becomes more defined. Its name is synonymous with crypto, and everybody has heard of it.

One of the reasons Bitcoin has taken such a leap forward in popularity in recent years is how easy it has become to buy it. There was a time when coins had to be mined through a long, complicated, digital process that only the most tech-savvy could hope to complete. Now, all it takes is a credit card and internet access.

The Future of Bitcoin

There is much debate from critics about what place Bitcoin has in the future, but there is little doubt that it does have a role to play. Despite the naysayers and non-believers, experts have predicted an international crypto takeover by the year 2050- a takeover lead by Bitcoin.

With more than 40 million Americans already invested in the currency, it seems the train has left the station. Although, like many fiat currencies, the market is notoriously volatile, it is an exciting one to be part of. The volatility is what attracts so many investors in the first place.

No matter what shape the financial future takes, it seems inevitable that Bitcoin is going to be in the picture.

What Are the Benefits of Bitcoin

Bitcoin trading is only one element of Bitcoin. There are several upsides to owning and using Bitcoin as an alternative to centralized fiat currencies. Here are a few of the primary benefits that come with buying Bitcoin:

All transactions go through the Blockchain Network,

which records and saves the details of everything that happens. By doing so, it adds an extra layer of protection to Bitcoin payments and transfers. It also makes fraudulent activity or and other manipulation of the system next to impossible.

Bitcoin is free from the restrictions

that come with traditional banking. These include bank withholding, high fees, and long service waiting times. You don't need to wait to see a teller or ask permission to do what you want with the money in your digital wallet- you just log in and do it.

Transfers are almost instantaneous,

no matter where they are being sent or how much is being transferred.

There is a certain level of anonymity that comes

with Bitcoin, in that you do not need to provide personal details to open an account. You could, if you wanted, hold your Bitcoin under a username rather than your real name.

International transactions are notoriously drawn-out

and riddled with exorbitant transfer fees when going through the world banks. Because Bitcoin is not associated with any bank or country, funds can be sent indiscriminately to anywhere in the world. No fees, no fuss- just enter the security key on each side of the transfer and, it's done!

At the root of it all, the biggest benefit of Bitcoin is the freedom it allows you. The entire principal cryptocurrency was built on was centered around this idea, and it really does hold up.

Why Is This a Good Investment?

Bitcoin is a hot ticket in the investment world today, and for good reason. Aside from being an effective way to diversify your portfolio, it is also an investment in the future.

The two main reasons for making an investment are to make a profit and to secure your financial future. While any investment, including Bitcoin, comes with risk, there is also the opportunity to use it to do both.

With Bitcoin set to become one of the leading international currencies in the not-so-distant future, it makes sense why so many investors are interested. Whether to buy and store away or to trade, having some Bitcoin to your name is not a bad idea.

Final Thoughts: Bitcoin Trading with Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code is the perfect way to open the door into Bitcoin Trading. Even if you have no previous experience, our app is designed to help you. Our streamlined user interface, no nonsense displays, highly recommended brokers, and extensively experienced team of traders are all tools you have in your kit when you partner with us.

Bitcoin trading is an exciting market with endless opportunities- but you need to be in the game to have a shot of winning. The world economy is changing, and cryptocurrency is poised to grow into new areas and become a driving force in finance. Don't get left behind.

Sign up today with Bitcoin Code to take the first step on your Bitcoin trading journey! Who knows how far it could take you?

Bitcoin Code FAQs

How much is one Bitcoin worth?

Bitcoin fluctuates in value all the time. Supply and demand, a newly mined Bitcoin, or movement in other crypto markets are also possible influencers on the current valuation. The best way to keep up with the current price is on a Bitcoin Tracker. They take valuations from several active exchanges to show you real-time updates. Bitcoin Ticker is one of the most accurate trackers to use.

What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain is essentially Bitcoin's bodyguard. Put as simply as possible; Blockchain collects and stores data about every Bitcoin transaction, creating a digital ledger. What this does is make it almost impossible for fraudulent activity to take place. Cheating the system or hacking into it becomes extremely difficult thanks to Blockchain. The system is all about transparency and ensuring that Bitcoin remains what it was created to be: a digital currency completely in the hands of the people who own it.

Is Bitcoin Code compatible with smart phones?

Yes, Bitcoin Code works on smartphones. The app is designed to work compatibly with all leading brands and mobile devices so that members can make trades anytime, anywhere.

Can I trade in other cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is dedicated to Bitcoin, so you cannot trade any other cryptocurrency using the app. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there, which can all be traded in the same way as Bitcoin. We chose to focus exclusively on Bitcoin to provide the best possible platform in this market.

How does a digital wallet work?

A digital wallet works like a bank account. You can store all your crypto money in one convenient place and access it whenever you want. When you set up a digital wallet, you are given two keys. The access key works like a password to get into the account, and the security key lets you make transactions. You need both to do anything with the funds.

You can set up a digital wallet on a number of different platforms and link it to your Bitcoin Code account.

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